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To place an online order go to WWW.DIGITALSTB.NET or click here: order

We accept postal money orders westernunion Money Orders and Moneygram money orders if you live in the US or don't live in the united states. You can find a location near you at 1800-MONEYGRAM your local post office if your using postal money orders countryCode=US&languageCode=en or Money Orders are available from any local post office Westernunion or Moneygram location tracking for your postal money order should be less than $1. Very important please track your money orders to make sure it gets to us.  


First print out the order form below so you can fill it out and mail it to us, after it prints fill out online form below and hit send so you can receive an order number and the mailing address.

Once you have printed and filled out our Order Form, please fold the money order up in a sheet of paper so no one knows what's inside include your order form and order number in an envelope and send your mail order to us. If you can't get the form to print use a sheet of paper to copy the information you see fill it out and send it to us. Once we receive the money order, we usually process and ship out your order within 24 hours.

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